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Holiday, FL, USA


I love being vegan ( been vegan for 10 years ) and I compose music.I don't believe in politics. I don't believe anything about Covid 19 ( aka certificate of vaccination Identification). I'm not jabbed by the thing that is not a vaccine. I don't trust or like the government. I believe society is a fabricated construct. I believe that nature is real ( but also altered)l. I don't care if the world is coming to an end. But I would prefer to see it restored and taken out of the control of those that control us. I'm here to do what I can now and that is it. I believe there is something beyond death and a creator of some sort and that is where I leave it. No. I'm not into yoga or reiki or anything new age. I like to go out into nature. I wish we could only live out in nature. I do not do drugs of any kind ( this includes the one drug that nobody thinks of as a drug for some reason called alcohol). I also do not smoke pot.I like to read books about people restoring the earth. I like to hang out with people. Message me. Let's get some food and talk.

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