Sesame Radish Salad

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    Peel the radish and use the peeler to make thin radish slices. Better long.
    In a different recipient mix the other ingredients starting with vegan mayonaise substitute and the mustard, then the oils, the vinegar and the soy sauce, and finally the sesame seeds. Sesame oil tastes really strong, so only a little is enough.
    Add the dressing to the radish slices and mix a little. Put in the fridge for at least 30 minutes or longer before serving, so the radish will be a little softer.
    If you use Japanese mustard (karashi) note that it is spicy. 1/4 teaspoon is more than enough. Maybe half is good.


    Radish (better long or Japanese giant radish),
    Whole or grounded sesame seeds
    Mustard (Japanese "karashi")
    Vegetable oil with light taste
    Sesame oil
    Rice vinegar
    Soy sauce
    Vegan mayonaise

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    Prep Time

    10 mins + chill time

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